Flyme 7 Global Stabile rilasciata ufficialmente per Meizu Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus ed altri

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Dopo una fase beta che dura dal mese di aprile, finalmente il produttore cinese ha dato il via al rilascio della Flyme 7 Global Stabile , per il momento disponibile solo su alcuni modelli (come il Meizu Pro 7 e la sua variante maggiorata Pro 7 Plus). Andiamo a dare uno sguardo al changelog completo.

Flyme 7 Global Stabile approda su Meizu Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus, MX6 e M5 Note | Download

La nuova Flyme 7 Stabile arriva finalmente anche in versione Global, ma solo su pochi modelli per il momento. Si tratta – come anticipato in apertura – del Meizu Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus, MX6 e M5 Note. Di seguito trovate il changelog completo di questa nuova e attesissima release.

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• Visual changes
Brand new icon design, exquisite interaction experience, seamless dynamic coverage, offering a bright new look for users.
• One Mind
With the update, we greatly reduced lag time when running multiple applications, improving the smooth experience by deallocating extra memory and defragmentation.
We solved the application anomalies caused by insufficient memory. The mobile phone can return to normal status after restart, and operate immediately without the need of reloading. Optimizations have been made in broadcast interception between systems and applications, delaying background CPU and network activities to protect the battery and reduce power consumption. Highly customizable AI beautification is provided, which can adjust the effect for skin color and skin type features, and offer a unique beautiful effect. The speed of virus detection is greatly improved. Real-time detection of applications in operation denies any shelter for virus.

• Eye protection mode
Natural color combination is provided to reduce damage to eyes caused by blue light, and reduce the feeling of fatigue when reading.
• Smart hearing protection
Automatic adjustment of the volume level after plugging in headphones, intelligent reminders about reading duration, reducing hearing impairment.
• Facial recognition
Advanced detection algorithm can collect your facial information. Recognition and unlocking takes only 0.1s.
• Personal assistant
The new system provides corresponding commercial services, parking signs and other functions according to the current location and scenario, and collects various cards such as application suggestions, to-do items, dynamic express information, etc. We know what you desire.
• Bubble notification
Pop-up menus appear in full-screen mode to reduce interruptions.
• Desktop App index
You can quickly find and launch apps in your mobile phone by simply swiping up and down on the left and right edges of the screen to trigger an index.
• Smart screen recognition
The system provides direct access to information and services, and it will intelligently identify movies, restaurants, and Taobao commands if you hold down the text or picture in the app.
• Driving assistance
The system provides automatic identification of driving modes. E-dog detection, music playback, voice dialing and other shortcut actions are added to reduce operating dangerously.
• Video communication beautification
The system has intelligent recognition of scenarios, as well as automatic use of beautification effect during video chat via WeChat. You can remain exquisite and elegant even in unexpected appointments.
• Facial recognition auto focus
Automatic focus is used after facial recognition so that the camera can easily capture every smile of the user.
• Gallery
Videos are generated and the memories are arranged based on the time, location and other aspects after automatic parsing of photo information.
The clustering algorithm extracts facial features and then recognizes and classifies such features so users can easily find photos.
You can toggle between integrating views with the pin-to-zoom function, making viewing the photos more fun.
• Mobile manager
The system recommends function cards such as simplification, virus scanning and killing by combining with status of the mobile phone, achieving efficient management and one-click direct access.
The system classifies the file types by the application’s dimension and provides cleanup suggestions to avoid accidental deletion.
Online flow calibration of China Unicom's daily rental card is supported.
• System tools
Clock: Latest weather, schedule, news, etc. will be played after the alarm rings, injecting energy into your day.
Calculator: Newly added audio playback function to ensure the accuracy of fast input.
File management: Two mobile phones in the same network can quickly transfer pictures and files through QR code.
E-mail: Adding content of non-meeting invitations to calendar and providing timely reminders so that important information will not to be missed.
• System updates
The system is included in the monitoring range of the mobile manager for detection of system status and timely on-line repair.
The system supports rating and comments by users after completion of update. Your true feelings are the driving force for optimization.
• Other optimized features
Fingerprint unlocking speed is improved.
The personalized player supports skin selection for the music player interface. Personality and uniqueness are not limited to listening.
The input method skin store provides a wealth of supporting themes to make your keypad input more personalized.
Weather animation has been fully upgraded to create real, lively weather information updates.
Layout is adjusted according to functional categories. Streamlined page design improves ease of operation.

In basso, invece, sono presenti i link per procedere con il download – in base al vostro modello – ed effettuare il flash manuale. Per conoscere tutte le novità introdotte dalla nuova UI della compagnia cinese, al seguente link è presente il nostro interessante confronto con la Flyme 6.

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