Flyme OS Beta disponibile per Meizu MX5, Pro 5, Metal, MX4, MX4 Pro ed M1 Note [Download]

Flyme os beta

Il team di sviluppo di Meizu ha recentemente rilasciato un nuovo update in fase Beta per Flyme OS 5, per la precisione la versione Flyme OS Beta; questo update è disponibile per i seguenti dispositivi: Meizu MX5, Pro 5, Metal, MX4, MX4 Pro ed M1 Note, esclusa la versione M1 Note Telecom.

Errata corrige: l’aggiornamento è stato rilasciato per M1 Note, non per M2 Note, come in precedenza riportato.

Se foste tra i possessori di questi dispositivi e foste interessati ad aggiornare il vostro smartphone, qua trovate i vari link per il download manuale.

Ecco il changelog completo dell’update:

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  • Fix: After unplugging the charger, charging animation does not go away

Notification bar (charm blue metal / MX4 ​​Write support, pending subsequent optimization)

  • Optimization: Suspension notification display time from 10 seconds into a 5 seconds
  • Fix: In English mode drop-down status bar that displays just the date, day of the week does not show a problem


  • Fix: use the headset mode to play music in the background, entering the music volume will become a big issue again


  • T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for searching a strange number in the call log and local Yellow Pages numbers
  • Call reject: adjust phone settings options, call reject SMS support custom settings (MX4 Write support, pending subsequent optimization)
  • Optimization: Long press the call records eject option card dialing, editing, etc. menu
  • Optimization: Online correction support the numbers marked as “private number”
  • Optimization: yellow contact details page increase online service portal
  • Optimization: Choose a contact interface, support for select groups, the entire group can batch select all contacts
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips
  • Optimization: unknown number of select “Add to existing contact”, to return to the previous level when selecting contacts
  • Repair: Repair and double-digit cornet make a call does not generate call records of problems of user feedback
  • Repair: choose a contact picture of the number dialed, the call interface displays animated avatar Caton problems (PRO 5 Write repair, pending subsequent optimization) in the call log


  • Optimization: weather, tape recorders, and other applications set to increase support for Talkback’s
  • Repair: Repair open Talkback, Go to Settings – Fingerprint and security password, you can not enter a password, you can not use a password lock screen issue (PRO 5 / MX5 Write repair, pending subsequent optimization)
  • Repair: Repair MX4 open Talkback, music, play, pause, previous track, next track no problem text labels

Mobile housekeeper

  • Power Save Mode: New low-power mode to extend the use of time (temporarily only supports PRO5 / MX4 ​​Pro)
  • Optimization: low battery indicator supports custom select the power saving mode (temporarily only supports PRO5 / MX4 ​​Pro)
  • Optimization: Optimization intelligent alignment wake-up function (temporarily only supports PRO 5 / MX4 ​​Pro)
  • Fix: Limit power under no unread messages receive SMS notification problem
  • Repair: Some third-party applications permissions positioning control problem of failure (PRO 5 Write repair, pending subsequent optimization)


  • Optimization: Modify Pages Contact Skip contact details of jump method
  • Optimization: Optimization SMS card algorithm, repair some user feedback parse the wrong question


  • Optimization: Optimization MX4 Pro / MX4 ​​/ charm blue note mode Light Field Camera


  • Optimization: Increase the error prompt for the enterprise Wi-Fi authentication type

Browser (MX4 / charm blue metal)

  • Cloud Acceleration: New cloud acceleration, compression province flow speed browsing, save up to 80% of the traffic
  • Novel Card: Join fiction cards, various wangwen updated in real time, to see them all
  • Hot words card: Add hot word cards, easy to grasp the real-time dynamic news
  • Optimization: Optimization about interface switching animation, use more smoothly
  • Optimization: Redraw multi-window view animation, jumps more freedom